Differences in Desire and Attraction

Calum ran this workshop at BECAUSE 2016 in Minneapolis, and made some updated before running it at BiCon 2016.

This workshop involved discussing quotes and other writing about attraction and desire on posters in small groups, then coming back together to see if there were strong feelings about any of them. The format of discussing posters like this was wholeheartedly borrowed from a BiCon workshop by Suraya Singh, who used the format to run an amazing workshop about definitions of love.

BiCon 2016 posters are here: Attraction and Desire Posters

One thought on “Differences in Desire and Attraction”

  1. As promised – my final quote:

    Cuddling drifted into kissing, and it was sexy and fun. But I didn’t want it to go further and I realised I didn’t know how to communicate this in the moment. How can I say what I like, what I want, what I feel, without it becoming what i don’t want, what I don’t feel – coz that feels pretty negative.

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